Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's on the needles now that I have time for ME?

So with a change in what has been taking up my knitting time, due to my recent termination at my LYS, I'm enjoying my new found knitting time! As much as I loved working with the deliciously dyed yarns, the fantastic designers and the amazing people I am LOVING the chance to knit for ME and my FAMILY!! WOOT!

This week, I started and finished several projects. The first was knit in the midst of our family being hit with the flu. I found out that my dad had been stealing and wearing my mom's hat, that I knit with her last year out of Three Irish Girls Springvale Bulky. I adore this yarn. It's nice and fluffy, a nice solid bulky that lends well to a squishy finished object. . .and the way it takes dye can't be beat. They carry a lovely assortment of this yarn at Smitten Yarns or you can always order it directly in any of the available colorways directly from the Three Irish Girls website.

This is a bad cell phone photo of my husband modeling the simple hat I knit for dad so that he would stop stealing mom's. It's soft and squishy and he loves it.

I also had the chance to finish up Zach's Flax sweater. The Flax pattern is free and designed by tincanknits. I love the simple garter detail that runs the length of the sleeves. A REALLY fast knit. I couldn't however, get my child to stand still so there is a bit of weird puckering going on. It really is a flattering knit and fits him well.

I am also working on my 14th pair of socks. I think it would be great to wear handknit socks every day for two weeks without having to wash them, so I started the lovely Static Zing Socks by Megan Williams (justrunknit) out of Lollipop Yarns Tradition sock yarn in the Life is Beautiful self-striping colorway. I'm further now, but this is the most recent photo I have.

Megan did such a great job with this pattern and I love how it works up with self-striping yarns. This will be a future go-to sock pattern, for sure.

My next plan is to finish off what I am calling "On Fire in the Shire". It's the Prairie Fire pattern, also by tincanknits. I'm knitting it out Madelinetosh tosh DK in the Shire colorway. I started this a few months ago when one of my friends was one of the first casualties of my LYS's firings. He had said he loved this colorway so much, so when I decided to knit a sweater, it just had to be in this. Unfortunately, this colorway does not capture well in photographs. It's much more green than blue but hopefully I can finish up the sleeves in the next few days and take a real photo of it that represents the colorway better.

I am also working with Mel right now to tech edit and test knit a few patterns for her. I'm excited about that. Taryn (fiberhaven) and I plan to set up some spinning and knitting classes once we secure a space, so if you are local, keep your eyes peeled! So life is moving forward and I am enjoying every minute.


MicheleStitches said...

Hey Amy, just wanted to let you know that the link to the Static Zing Socks is not working. I'll be looking them up on Ravelry, but I thought you might appreciate a head's up that it is a broken link. :-)

Amy K. said...

Thanks! I think I fixed it! :)