Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Overwhelmed by WIP's?

Are you overwhelmed by WIPs (works in progress)? Yeah. Me too. I have never been a monogamous knitter. And I most certainly am a product knitter (meaning that I like the finished item more than the process itself) . . .Don't get me wrong. I LOVE to knit. I do it a lot. I might even say I do it all the time! But I have so many things that I'm in the middle of right now that I don't know what to do next! You too? Or maybe it's just me. So how do I prioritize? Well, first I take a look at everything I have on the needles.

Yes. That is a list of the 8 projects that are currently on the needles in various stages of doneness. What you also aren't seeing are the two designs, which are out to test knitters and tech editors. After I take a few deep breaths, I start to do some work on figuring out what comes next.

Then I prioritize.

1.     I pick the projects with the closest deadlines. Am I knitting it for something or someone and it has to be done soon? Those come first.

In the case of these projects, that means these:

These are the socks for my current sock knitting class. I have to be at the same place that I expect my students to be, so I have to get to the place where I am ready to start the heel by this weekend. In case you want to know, these are the Scylla Socks by Fiona Lucas knit in Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stopper yarn in their Foliage colorway. The yarn and pattern area lovely. These are getting a lot of attention.  

And also this. This is a Monster Cowl. I am going to be teaching a class on this awesome chevron pattern in March so I have to get this off the needles so I can take it in to Paradise. I won't get to keep this cowl, as it is a store sample, but I do get paid to knit it. In case you are wondering, this is knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in Coquette, Dirty Panther, and Leaf.

Because both of my designs are yet to be published and will be going out with clubs in April, I can't show you those, but those are also both deadline knits that I have been working on (and writing down and editing and swatching and getting to tech editors and test knitting and sending to test knitters Phewwww!!!!)

2.    Then I pick the projects that I am doing for a knitalong. Usually with a KAL there are soft deadlines and I like the accountability and the communal push to set goals and complete them. I am working on this, though I am woefully behind the KAL goals at this point.

This is Halele'a by Mel Ski knit out of Must Stash Yarn and Fiber Helluva Skein in the Pauo'le colorway. This photo does not show how far I am. I  have my entire fronts and backs done and seamed (yes, those who know how I feel about seaming. I did actually seam it!). I am working on the texture portion on the bottom and have only a little left to go. Then I have to do ribbing around the neckline and the bottom. . .AND then I have to do both sleeves. To meet the KAL goals I should be on my sleeves this week. As you can see, I am not! HA! but I do love this sweater and after I finish all of the things above, this is next.

3.    I also love to have a small thoughtless project to carry around in my purse and work on when I have a second. . .at the doctor's office, in the car waiting to pick someone up, hanging out with friends, etc. 

This is going to be for Tim. Those of you who know him know that he doesn't have much hair on top so he is constantly wearing the hats I knit for him. And yes, I do actually mean constantly. He rarely takes them off. He really wanted a sock weight hat. I had this yarn from Lorna's Laces - their Solemate - in Blue Skies Over Colorado. The cool part about this yarn is that it has a Outlast in it, which is supposed to regulate body heat. So he may even use it for running . . .The pattern, Runner's Watchcap by Ivete Tecedor, is super simple but a nice size and perfect for this yarn. And it makes great purse knitting!

4.    Then are those projects that have to get done before someone outgrows it. Yes. Like this one. If I don't hurry, he will be too big before it's finished.

This is my Little Stitches Hoodie out of Three Irish Girls Springvale DK in Picnic Blanket and Solar Flare. (PS - Three Irish Girls has opened up their website directly for ordering once again, so if you love these colors, they can be yours. )  I love everything about this (I am biased, I know). But the yarn is lovely and I want him to wear it! I need to work on it!!!!  

5.    Then there are the projects that are oh so close that are actually really quick knits and need to just be done. The body is done, the ends woven in the shoulders seamed. I even have most of a sleeve done! And it's knit on size US10.5 needles!! This is perfect for couch knitting but not so perfect for taking with me since it takes a whole bag to cart it around.

This is the Long Sands Cardigan by Amy Christoffers that I  have been working on since this summer when it was gifted to me by a friend. It would be perfect for this cold weather we are having. . .I really should work on it. I am knitting it out of the lusciously squishy Malabrigo Chunky in the Pearl Colorway. 

6.    And lastly are those projects which are just sitting. Barely started. Not even worth taking photos of. Those might be the ones that end up on my hibernating tab on Ravelry. I have two currently and while I adore them and really want to finish them, I don't see my self doing so anytime soon. 

This is just a method. Prioritizing so I can accomplish what needs to get done in a timely manner. . .so I can work on what I want to get done. It doesn't always work. Sometimes the I-want-to projects trump the I-need-to projects. But at the end of the day, knitting is supposed to be enjoyable. When it quits being so, it's time to find something else to do. So what about you? How do you prioritize? Or do you? What comes first for you? Any rhyme or reason? 

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Tim Kenagy said...

I would knit that hat for your husband first. He would probably like it a lot!