Monday, November 10, 2014

Indie Designer Gift-a-Long! (and gifts for you, too!)

YAY!!!!! Yeah. I'm excited about it! It's time for the second annual Indie Designer Gift-a-long on Ravelry. Have no idea what that is? Well I am here to fill you in. 

For the past few weeks, 293 independent designers from 21 countries around the world have been doing the hard work of getting ready for a sale of their patterns. Each designer will have between 4 and 20 patterns on sale, 25% off with the code: giftalong2014 . They will be on sale from 8pm (EST) November 13th through 11:59pm (EST) November 21st. There are HUNDREDS of designers participating with almost 4,000 patterns on sale during the promotion! WHOA!! 

So obviously, you get the benefit of 25% off and we get the benefit of the sale, but there is more!! If you go to this link: there are over 1,860 electronic prizes and many more physical prizes to give away to you just by participating in the threads or the various events that they do over the course of the next several weeks!! This can include playing the find the designer games or knitting a project from any of the paid for patterns of the participating designers (this includes even patterns that were not on sale during the promo period). The end of the Gift-a-Long is December 31st, 2014. . .for all of you procrastinating knitters and crocheters who don't QUITE get it done in time for Christmas.  

The goal of the Gift-a-Long is to get you ready for the holidays. It's the discount and hopefully the inspiration you'll need to get you knitting or crocheting for those special people in your life (including yourself!!) . Many of the items are small and quick so they are perfect for gifting. 

For those of you on social media, you may start to see the #giftalong2014 tag popping up on Twitter and Instagram as we have the chance to promote other designers in our feeds. 

So who do you have to knit for? Need a quick pattern like a hat or mitts or slippers or booties? OR want something a bit more involved like socks? Or maybe something to go with those hand made soaps (like the ones I get from for gifts for teachers? 

Whomever you are knitting for this season (or even if you have no plans to knit for anyone but you have a queue that will last beyond life expectancy that contains a pattern or 7) you might just find something in this gift-a-long worth joining for. And if you want to see my designs specifically, go here:  Hope to see you there!

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