Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finish it or Frog it February

So I started watching podcasts last month at the insistence of a couple of friends from my local knitting group. One of the podcasters, Knitting Blooms, is doing a Finish it or Frog it February. . .so in addition to the few things I had already planned to knit this month, I have also gone back to some old projects that have been on the  needles for far too long. So far this month, I have finished a wide variety of projects. . .some of which I have already mentioned.

For starters, I turned this:

Into this: 

Yeah. I frogged them. I didn't love the yarn and quite honestly, it had been so long since I had worked on them that I couldn't remember what pattern I had used or what edits I had made and they weren't going to fit. . .so off the needles they came :)

Then I finished these for the Silk Challenge for the Loopy Ewe. If you haven't visited the Loopy Ewe, they have great yarn at great prices. . .and you can link through the link on the upper right hand corner up there. . .

And I finished my Susanna IC Mystery Shawl. It didn't block out as nicely as if it had been in lace weight, but I like the final product.

I also finished my West End Scarf. I call it West End of Octopus' Garden because it is done (primarily) in a lovely coloway dyed by Three Irish Girls called Octopus' Garden.  This took awhile. But it is done! And I love it :) It had been on the needles for far too long and it's great to have it finished and around my neck.

I did a couple of easy knits. These are Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloths done in a linen and cotton blend yarn from Knitpicks. Nice and sturdy and soft.

And finally, just today, I finished my Autumn Saroyan. It had also been on the needles for FAR TOO LONG. But it's done and getting blocked and I am happy to say that it feels nice to clear off the list. :) 

It has been a very productive month and there are still several days left!

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knit one, knit two said...

i had no idear it was finish or frog it month! i did frog a pair of socks and a shawl, and i finished freddie's owlet and am in the process of finishing my fish hat.

i didn't know you blogged - you have a very nice site. looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful knits!