Monday, February 27, 2012

Knitting Podcasts?!?! What's the big deal?

So what's the big deal with knitting podcasts? If you're  not a knitter, then the answer is, they aren't a big deal. . .but if you are into the fiber arts at all, if they aren't a big deal, they probably should be. There are many many knitting and fiber arts podcasts. I was taught about podcasts by Jodi and Kirsten from my local knitting group. They insisted that I would love them if I gave it a try. Of course, like any sensible person who feels like their life might already be taken up by a hobby, I had to drag my feet a little bit, or at least pretend to :). . .but not for long. On the right hand side of the blog you will now see an extensive list of video podcasts. These are the ones I watch. There are more.  . .some I've watched and don't follow religiously. . .others that I have yet to discover, but these are the ones that I look forward to every week. There are lists of them on iTunes. . .and some that are audio podcasts and not video podcasts. But I like the ones best where I can SEE the pretties, not just hear about them. And it's probably a good thing I've set that as a limit for myself. Do you see that list? Do you see how long it is? I don't even want to see how long it would get if I added audio podcasts in there too! Now here comes the warning -

WARNING: Podcasts are seriously enabling when it comes to yarn and fiber. You might just find yourself falling for things like this:

 Boho Knitter Chic Masham Fiber dyed in the Hot Thai colorway.

Or this:
Three Waters Farm Polwarth/Silk Roving in Radicchio

Or maybe some of this:
Widdershin Woolworks Shetland Fiber dyed in the Avalon colorway

Or some of the following yarns from Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber:

 Scooby Doo dyed on Ewephoric Sock yarn

When Pigs Fly dyed on Ram Worsted. . .

Yup. Watching podcasts needs to come with a warning, but also a clear message - If you're into knitting and fiber, you will learn a lot this way. . .about books, needles, yarns, fibers, projects, and lots about the fiber world and going-ons. . .and if you try them, you might just like them :)

PS - And you win things like this pattern: Patty the Pillow Pony which I won from the Knitabulls podcast! (see the link over there ----->)

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