Sunday, February 12, 2012

Too many KAL's or what?!?

Well. . .I'm addicted. To KAL's.(KAL = Knit ALong) Sometimes I just like saying I'll do them even if I don't. But most of the time, I finish them.Sometimes I finish because there are prizes, but mostly I just like the encouragement from the other people involved to keep going. . .I did this for a recent KAL: (The Anadara by Allison Janocha)

And I'm almost done with this one: (The Susanna IC January Mystery KAL)

And I didn't even know much about it, but now I have started knitting for the Mittens for me Mystery KAL by Laura Linneman, which isn't far enough yet for a picture. . .but I'm using yarn with silk in it. . .that's always good, right?

I'm also working, slowly, on a cool bag (The Fulfillment Bag by Trisha Paetsch) that is also not all that far completed yet. . .but it has two color knitting (fair isle) and looks really really cool so far :)

Yeah. Lots of KAL's. Too many? Nah. There is no such thing :) 

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